Web site design refers to how a web site looks and works and you it is vital that a good web site design has to do more than just to look good – it has to communicate with the visitor.

So, Why Is Web Site Design So Important?

It’s the same reason why classy stores have enticing shop windows, convenient interiors and smiling employees. Whether you have or plan to create a website, you can’t afford to make compromises with the quality of service.

So if you think that web site design is of the “I-can-do-it-myself” thing, then please don’t waste your time reading further. There are billions of websites on the Internet. Each of them has some sort of web site design but few are those which are styled in a way that impresses their visitors, offers them convenient navigation and makes them come back again. Surely you want your web site to be one of these? If you do then our knowledge and experience in web site design is all the help you need.

To Get To The Top Of Google, You Need Effective Web Site Design

Practically everything that follows the website link refers to web site design and if the Internet makes it so easy for your customers to come into your virtual store, what happens once they get there?

You have less than 30 seconds to grab their attention. If you don’t, they go somewhere else. Whether to use a fascinating Flash intro or just simple plain text to keep them focused on the page, that’s the answer we have to come up with on a daily basis. Good web site design offers a mix of information (text and images, videos and sounds) which in the right proportions keeps the client interested provokes a desire and calls for action. In other words it has to keep them going through your web site and eventually buy your product or service.

Poor Design » Not Client Friendly » No Sales

Our team of skilled and creative professionals will help you to communicate your sales messages to your visitors in order to convert them into customers. Plus you don’t have to worry about the technical side of the sites operation.

Web site design is based on different coding languages, such as HTML, XHTML, XML, PHP, JAVA, JQUERY, FLASH, and many forms of software applications are available for your site creation such as:

Each of them has its advantages and serves best in achieving a specific goal. We will offer you the best solution according to your specific needs.

What Makes The Web Site Design We Offer Different?

Our services go far beyond the standard web site design templates. Our work is always results driven. Creating a strong web presence takes time and efforts, but without the proper knowledge all can go to waste. That’s why we encourage our clients to realize that each step of creating a web site is important. Paying attention to details, especially in terms of web site design is essential.

At Cheeky Green Monkey, we offer vision and innovation in driving traffic to your website.

Let’s start today and convert this traffic into sales!

Additional Services

We offer excellent web design services that includes a search optimization package included in the start up project.

If you are looking to drive instant traffic to your site to compliment this optimization work, then we would recommend a pay per click campaign which is a powerful tool within search engine marketing.

Look at our downloads section for some free Joomla, wordpress templates and icons and if you are working with Joomla, then we offer some excellent tutorials to aid your web set up.

And don’t forget to check out our great tutorials section packed with some great advice on tips to help you get started.

Just use our contact form if you are interested in finding out more about the great services we offer.

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Ways In Which We Can Help

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It is vital to implement the correct SEO techniques if you are to have a successful website.

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We offer excellent web design services that includes a comprehensive search optimization package.

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PPC campaigns are a very potent weapon in your marketing arsenal and can generate instant sales.