New WordPress Blog Checklist

You are very happy with your new WordPress blog. Everything works fine and you are set to make your first post. In the midst of the excitement, you may have to take note of one or two things to give your WordPress site the look and versatility it deserves.

Creating A Blog Site With Joomla

A blog is an easy way for non-technical people and the IT savvy as well to publish content to the internet. It is the simplest content management tool that anyone can master in a matter of minutes. There are many blogging tools on the web notably WordPress and BlogSpot but Joomla offers beginners a super easy way to put their information on the World Wide Web.

Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a popular blogging tool on the web. Its ease of use and the fact that it is an open source software makes it the preferred system for publishing content. The utility of the WordPress blog can be further enhanced with free ad on software. These software are called plugins.

Guide To Organising Joomla Content

Joomla is one of the easiest content management systems you can find. It requires minimal knowledge of html and can be managed by almost anyone. You would need Microsoft Word skills to operate a full Joomla site. It is so because the software has a graphical user interface for administering, typing, editing and publishing your content. You do not need any extensive knowledge of html scripting or some other high-end management to keep your Joomla site running. It is basically a user friendly CMS and requires little maintenance.

How To Install Joomla 1.5

Joomla is a content management tool favored by many due to its ease of use. With the release of Joomla 1.5, content management has even become easier. The Jooma 1.5 comes with many features that make website creation a cool breeze for both beginners and professionals.

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