Search engine Optimisation is the first key step to a successful website design. Through search engine Optimisation, your web presence can be found quicker and accessed easier by prospective customers.

Search engine Optimisation is a combination of over a hundred rules of website design which make a particular site more attractive to search engines than a similar site which has not undergone search engine Optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation

Years ago, getting a top search listing was simple. You created a website design, and posted it on the popular search sites, such as Lycos and Yahoo. As HTML evolved, website design took a new turn, and it was discovered that you could have a top listing by using a word or group of words over and over again. It was long before the top searches were filled with blatant advertisements in capital letters, and the effectiveness of doing a search dropped. And that is where search engine Optimisation comes into the picture.

To combat the rush of SPAM sites, and provide a more informative internet, the popular search sites began writing more and more complicated algorithms for parsing a search, and for deciding the rank of a web page that may result to that search.

The keywords that were meant to identify a page contents, are again used to distribute relevant information through search engine Optimisation. And while keywords are a crucial mark of search engine Optimisation, they are not only used in the title, description, and page text. With professional SEO, every page of your website design will be carefully written to maximize the impact and relevance of the site.

“Relevance” in search engine Optimisation is when the keywords that describe your site are in context of the site contents. “Fresh Fish” would be a great sign for a fish market, but it wouldn’t be very effective for a vegetable stand. Search engine Optimisation seeks to combine the most effective key phrases through your entire site, including the domain name itself, in many cases.

To the spiders, this threaded use of phrases in your website design indicates your site is focused, and raises your received relevance. Search engine Optimisation is about making your website design the best and most popular that it can be.

If you are interested in discussing the options available to your company in optimizing your website, please contact us today and we will be pleased to offer our recommendations for generating increased online sales through a successful Search engine optimisation campaign.

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