Implementing effective and affordable search engine optimization techniques is paramount to a websites visibility and online prominence. Without the correct procedures in place, your website, faced with ever increasing competition, will struggle to get ranked anywhere near the top pages in the search engines. Your website will have the same value as an expensive calling card, only known to people you give the URL to.

The major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing use their own mathematical formula to rank websites based on the keyphrases browsers key in to the search boxes. If your site has undergone search engine optimization, then already you have increased the chances tenfold of being found and indexed in front of your competition. With the growth in online business increasing at a phenomenal rate, search engine optimization experts who know their business, are in tremendous demand. If you are to increase and generate profit from your new online income stream, search engine optimization is the golden key to unlock your new found wealth.

The Key Elements Of Search Engine Optimization Techniques

  • Keyphrase and Meta tag analysis
  • On page Analysis (phrase densities, page structure)
  • Competition Analysis
  • Link building (One Way, Reciprocal, Social, Article, Directory)

The first step is to take an in depth look at your main keyphrases that you believe best describe the products and/or services you provide. It’s almost impossible to believe but over 90% of websites do not have the correct phrases or Meta tags in place, which seriously detracts from their performance and ranking in the results pages. This keyphrase/meta tag analysis is the fundamental starting point of a websites search engine optimization process.

Optimizing your keyphrases and Meta tags in the right densities, positioning and format again adds to the effectiveness of your website. There is nothing written down about what is right and wrong but experienced SEO experts have worked out of the years working with websites and the engines, what constitutes the best form of search engine optimization as far on page techniques are concerned.

Link building is probably the most important part of search engine optimization in today’s SEO world. Many people have their own views on how best to build back links to a website but in simple terms there is no genuine quick, easy method. Although some techniques are better than others, the engines, especially Google, sees a back link as a ‘yes’ vote from one site to another and as such, places greater emphasis on this more than other search engine optimization variables when calculating website ranking in the results pages.

Natural link building is without doubt the best for of acquiring links and is beneficial to the websites overall organic growth.

In simple terms, a back linking campaign can comprise of:

  • One way links
  • Reciprocal links
  • Links from directory submissions
  • Article submission links
  • Forums, Blogs and Social Networking links

With the internet exploding at a tremendous pace, just having a website nowadays is just not good enough. If you are to generate sales from your site, you need to undertake effective search engine optimization (SEO) which will put you way ahead of your competition for your major keyphrases.

There’s one simple rule, search engine optimization means traffic, traffic means sales.

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It is vital to implement the correct SEO techniques if you are to have a successful website.

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