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If you are looking for a reputable PPC company, UK based Cheeky Green Monkey is a sensible choice. Our reputation is based on our application of proven white hat organic SEO techniques together with successful pay per click (PPC) campaigns that places a websites main keyphrases high in the search engine results pages.

Whilst organic growth is long term and more cost effective, PPC campaigns is a paid for subscription listing that drives targetted traffic to your website from day 1. It is effective and the results are immediate but you do have to manage the campaign to ensure your costs do not get out of control.

PPC Services That UK Companies Can Profit From

Online business is very competitive nowadays and it is a fine line that seperates success from failure. Apart from normal SEO techniques such as keyphrase optmization, you can use sponsored listings, or PPC advertising, to drive additional traffic to your website.

At Cheeky Green Monkey, we provide professional PPC services UK businesses can profit from. This form of paid listings bring visitors or ‘clients’ to your site from Day 1. Through keyphrase analysis, you can target market sectors and buyer groups so that you can significantly increase your chances of a sale. Those keywords, after all, define the nature of your site and create the image you present to the buying public. When you know what phrases people are targetting, and thats what we provide, it is a sensible idea for UK companies to use PPC services providing it is managed properly.

PPC Campaign Management

If you decide to undertake any form of paid inclusion schemes, you will need an effective PPC campaign management team. At Cheeky Green Monkey, we make the most out of your site with proven PPC campaign management techniques.

Although there are basically 2 sides to Internet marketing, search engine optimization and Paid Inclusion, a Pay Per Click, or PPC, campaign management is the fastest way to attract not just traffic, but visitors that are driven to you because they have an interest in what you offer. We create an influx of one way links that are directly relevant to your website, and THAT will help your PageRank and other search engines ratings.

What Can PPC Advertising Do For Your Business?

One of the secrets to profitability is the use of PPC advertising. Pay per click, or PPC advertising, is a supplemental tactic for increased success for any SEO project. Although PPC advertising is not directly part of search engine optimization, it relies on the strength of the optmization work undertaken to be effective. You see, PPC advertising extends those same keywords to other sites, which gives your website design what is known as “relevance,” and that relevance is a large factor in how well spiders will regard your website design. PPC advertising is an extension of search engine optimization, and falls into the specialized category of search engine marketing, or SEM.

Keyphrase Ranking

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Ways In Which We Can Help

Here are a few ways in which we can help with your marketing campaign:


It is vital to implement the correct SEO techniques if you are to have a successful website.

Web Design

We offer excellent web design services that includes a comprehensive search optimization package.

Pay Per Click

PPC campaigns are a very potent weapon in your marketing arsenal and can generate instant sales.