There are two types of one way link building, one method is referred to as “White Hat” and “Organic”, and the other is called “Black Hat.” From the names, it’s easy to guess which method is the best for a quality website design.

White Hat SEO is by far the preferred choice for one way link building, because of it’s natural usage, White Hat is also called Organic SEO. The Cheeky Green Monkey will offer a little insight into the differences between the two, and why one way link building should always use Organic SEO methods.

One Way Link Building Techniques

Black Hat SEO

  • Uses paid inclusion in directories
  • Borders on being identified as SPAM
  • Could result in problems with search engine ratings

Starting out, Black Hat tactics often give a website design an illusory advantage through one way link building. Increased traffic can be assured, but it is important to note that much of this traffic is not so much looking for what your company’s site offers, as a way to escape a one way link building trap.

One way link building which “funnels” visitors is highly discouraged. The conversion ratio of visitors to sales is very low using these tactics, even though traffic may be high. One way link building should not appear forced or overly repetitive, or have links based on paid memberships.

White Hat SEO

  • Does not pay for directory listings
  • One way link building from quality sites
  • Integration of pay per click and site promotion

We use Organic, or White Hat, SEO at Cheeky Green Monkey. We could use questionable tactics to give you fast traffic, but the long term benefits of quality one way link building through respectable methods is the only professional solution.

The visitors attracted through this type of one way link building are interested in your site, and that means you’ll get higher sales conversions. One way link building is so important is that it creates lasting relevance, as the keywords used to anchor that link are indexed by search engines and measured against the keyword relevance of your site. White Hat SEO may build traffic a little slower than its negative counterpart, but the profits gained tend to far outweigh a slower beginning.

If you are interested in discussing the options available to your company in optmizing your website, please contact us today and we will be pleased to offer our recommendations for generating increased online sales through a successful One Way link building campaign.

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