You are very happy with your new WordPress blog. Everything works fine and you are set to make your first post. In the midst of the excitement, you may have to take note of one or two things to give your WordPress site the look and versatility it deserves.

The title of you posts should include your keyword and must be interesting to read. The title is the text that will appear as the heading of your website in web searches. The more relevant it is to your website content, the more likely visitors will click through to visit.

Use the rich text editor when you are writing posts so that you can make use of all the graphical elements. You will be able to underline, bold text and underline with ease in this mode. You can also manage your post body better without knowing about html.

Your tagline is the piece of text that talks about your website. WordPress may put something there by default but go to options and change it to something that your site is about.

At the right hand side of your post box is the discussion option.  If you choose to accept comments then anyone can post a comment on your blog. If you are running a community website this may be a useful option but if you intend to post you opinions or offer non interactive information, then you may need to shut it off else you will be inundated with posts that may not be too relevant to your site.

The link structure of WordPress is very rigid. You can modify it under Manage > Permalinks. The permalinks are the URLS that the system gives to your post. By default WordPress will use some numbers but changing it to reflect the title for your post is better.

WordPress default themes are too basic. You can get more splendid designs for free by going to I Love WordPress, downloading a theme in zip form to your root server, unzipping it there under your WordPress plugin folder and then selecting the theme from your word press admin, under Presentation on your menu bar.

The About page contains some default text. Remove what is there and then put in something that reflects your own.

If you site is about many subjects, you will make it better organized by introducing some categories. If you have a site about clothing, you can get some categories such as shirts, shoes, socks or boots. You create categories under Manage > Categories in your admin panel in WordPress.

Remove the sample post from your manage panel in the WordPress admin panel. The sample post is a non-relevant post used to test if your blog is working. Click Delete at the right to remove the sample post.

No matter what your content is about, do well to ensure that you stick to one particular theme. If you write about DVDs, it would be OK to write about DVD recorders, rippers, CDs, duplication machines or burners. You should not mix your CD content with baseball else the keyword density and content focus would be mixed.

Once that happens, Google would not find your content suitable for display in the search engines because your have a confusing site theme. It is better to stay with one main point and then write about it appropriately. Keyword density can be better achieved in you write consistently about one topic. Again the right keyword density will serve better Adsense ads for better earnings.

Lastly, go to and get some plugins to enhance your site. Plugins extend the functionality of your WordPress blog and makes many tasks easy. There are plugins to help you manage Adsense on your blog, help check spam, design better pages and build sitemaps for submission to Google to help you index your site. To get a plugin working, unzip it to your root sever under WordPress > Plugin folder and then activate in your WordPress admin panel. Set up any options that you may have there.

Apart from tips on Installing Joomla, we also offer some advice on blogs using Joomla, recommend some essential wordpress plugins, and last but not least, offer advice organising Joomla content and moving your Joomla site to a new server.

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