Would you like your shop to be open 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year? Would you like to be making sales while you sleep or while you’re on holiday? Well, with a website, you can, and for much less than you think. Cheeky Green Monkey e-Commerce shopping websites start from only $1500.

Magento Solutions That Make Your Company Grow Online

At Cheeky Green Monkey, we excel in providing great designs and magento software solutions that generate SALES.

Over the past 18 months, we have consistently recommended the use of the magento platform as the ideal solution for ecommerce stores.

Built around flexibility, functionality and a fantastic potential, magento is the ONLY way to go when you are considering shopping cart applications.

We have built up a solid knowledge of designing and writing custom modules and extensions so if magento does not currently do what you want it to, then please get in touch with us and we can talk through your requirements.

Magento offers a unique opening to decide wonderful, modern looking store fronts which encourages buyer purchase interaction.

We have many designs at your disposal and can quickly produce stunning templates to suit with goals.

Last but not least, no site is worth anything unless you can get it ranked on the Google search engine, it is that simple. It can be fantastic looking, have great imagery and functionality but if it doesn’t rank on the first few pages on Google for your main keyphrases, then your site is in fact, worthless.

Not only does Magento support and aid Search Engine Optimisation, Cheeky Green Monkey provides expert professional SEO services to get your site where it needs to be – on the first page of Google and in front of your competition.

In todays competitive online world, the difference between Page 10 and Page 1 rankings is like Night and Day, with one you earn nothing, with the other, the enquiries never stop and your profits soar… which one do you prefer?

We look forward to hearing from you and using Magento for your next online project. If you want to be succesful online, it’s the only answer.

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Ways In Which We Can Help

Here are a few ways in which we can help with your marketing campaign:


It is vital to implement the correct SEO techniques if you are to have a successful website.

Web Design

We offer excellent web design services that includes a comprehensive search optimization package.

Pay Per Click

PPC campaigns are a very potent weapon in your marketing arsenal and can generate instant sales.