Joomla is one of the easiest content management systems you can find. It requires minimal knowledge of html and can be managed by almost anyone. You would need Microsoft Word skills to operate a full Joomla site. It is so because the software has a graphical user interface for administering, typing, editing and publishing your content. You do not need any extensive knowledge of html scripting or some other high-end management to keep your Joomla site running. It is basically a user friendly CMS and requires little maintenance.

Before we go into posting of content, let’s look at how you can have information displayed neatly on your Joomla site.

If you look at a typical Joomla site you would realize that it has been divided into many parts. These divisions help you to keep the content organized and easy to navigate. Let’s look at how to arrange our homepage.

The first approach is to create your sections. The sections are the main topics on your Joomla site. So if your site is about sports, then you can have sections as NFL, NBA and NHL. These are the main things a person will see as soon as they reach your site. The sections are like the topics in a book. They are the main titles which help the reader to navigate the site and find where various content are located. You necessarily need the sections if you would want to create a neat and organized site. You can create sections by going to:

Content-> Section Manager > New > type required information > Save

The next step would be to create your categories. The categories distinguish groups of content items. So if you have NHL as content, then your categories can be players, transfers, leagues, officials and seasons. Follow this procedure to create the categories:

Content-> Category Manager >New > provide information > Save

Now you have your content organized. Let’s do a post to add content.

To post content, click Add New Content in the Control Panel. Type the title of your content, choose a section (which you have already created), enter a sub title, type the body of the text, format it and then save. To publish what you just typed, click the Publishing tab, select Show on FrontPage, choose an author, and apply.

Your site will now show your content under the particular section on the frontage. The formatting and appearance would be as exactly as you created in your text box in the admin panel.

Apart from tips on Installing Joomla, we also offer some advice on blogs using Joomla, recommend some essential wordpress plugins, and last but not least, offer advice organising Joomla content and moving your Joomla site to a new server.

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