WordPress is a popular blogging tool on the web. Its ease of use and the fact that it is an open source software makes it the preferred system for publishing content. The utility of the WordPress blog can be further enhanced with free ad on software. These software are called plugins.

A plug in a tool that provides extra functionality to the WordPress blog. In plain terms, it a software that adds extra function to your blog. It replaces many of the manual tasks that you would have otherwise taken hours to do and most often encountered errors that would require debugging and redoing. These plugins are for free and provided by software enthusiasts who submit them to WordPress administrators for free distribution. It is however advisable that every WordPress plugin you use is certified by the WordPress Community. Once you find it at the WordPress official site, then i6t has been approved for use on the blog.

Here are some plugins you may find very useful for your WordPress blog.

If you have a monetized site or if you run Adsense on your blog, you may find the Adsense Deluxe plugin essential. This plugin enables you to insert Adsense ads into your blog with ease. You do not have to tamper with the files or the template. You only need to go the admin tab and then do the insertion. The Adsense deluxe plugin eliminates the task of going back to your Adsense account to choose different color palettes and sizes for display in your content.

Amazon affiliates will welcome the Amazon links pro plugin. This script will highlight any term in your content that is sold at Amazon and bring up an ad if a mouse is hovered on that item. For example if your site is about DVD, then as soon as a visitor to your site hovers the mouse over the word, an ad from Amazon shows up. This ad has already been coded with your affiliate ID so you get commission on any sale that comes with the click. The Amazon links pro has a panel in which you can configure the entire ad, add your affiliate ID and decide how many items you want displayed in your content.

Akismet is one of the oldest WordPress plugins. It helps blog owners to manage spam. It aggregates all spam-like comments and then sends them to an admin panel for deletion. It is so important that the WordPress installation comes with this plugin. This plugin minimizes the incidence of spam and other nuisance comments that will make you site heavy and slow to load. It also reduces the inconvenience of having to deal with comments that are not meaningful to you in any way.

Due to the file and link nature of WordPress, it is sometimes difficult for search engines to index it properly with reference to the sitemap. The Google XML Sitemaps plugin will create a sitemap that you can submit to your Google webmaster account. This plugin will allow the Google search engine to properly index your site and include it in its search results pages.

Advanced WYSIWYG Editor enables you to edit your content or post new ones with ease. It has an interface similar to that of a MS Word. So if you are familiar with the various editing and formatting tools of MS word, then you can give your posts enhanced formatting and appearance. It is a useful tool for people without extensive knowledge of html as it includes features that help you create links, embed pictures a do many other advanced content management.

The Category Tagging plugin allows you to create tags that people can click on to find content about tour site. If your site is about dresses, the more often you use a word, the bigger that word is displayed on your side bar so users can easily navigate to that post with the word.

Plugins are easy to install. You need to upload it to your server and unzip the folder into your WordPress Plugin directory. Go to your WordPress admin and activate the plugin from the toolbar; then manage it from the options panel.

Apart from tips on Installing Joomla, we also offer some advice on blogs using Joomla, recommend some essential wordpress plugins, and last but not least, offer advice organising Joomla content and moving your Joomla site to a new server.

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