A blog is an easy way for non-technical people and the IT savvy as well to publish content to the internet. It is the simplest content management tool that anyone can master in a matter of minutes. There are many blogging tools on the web notably WordPress and BlogSpot but Joomla offers beginners a super easy way to put their information on the World Wide Web.

The blog function in Joomla is not independent software like we have in WordPress but comes as part of the suite. It is a component of the entire system that can be adapted or presented as a blog. For this reason, you will not instantly have a blog running by typing your content and publishing like we have in WordPress. You will have to enable the blog function in the admin panel, before you make a post and the assign the post under the blog.

The blogging tool comes an integral part of the Joomla content management system. You do not need any extra software, add on or plug in to activate the blog. In this series, we take a look at how to create a blog in Joomla.

The first thing to do is to go to your admin panel and click Content. Under content you will go to section manager and then click New. Call it ‘Blogsection’ and click Publish. Publishing will now make the blog an integral part of your Joomla website. Now you can make a post and then assign it under blog. What this means is, you can choose blog as one of the areas that you want your content displayed at.

Next, go to content tab again. Click Section Manager> new> and call it BlogCategory. Publish it.

You will have to go to content again. But this time move to Content by Section. Select Blogsection (the one you already created) and go to Blogsection items and then click New. Give it a name and then type your content. Assign it to Blog Category and publish it.

Now your blog becomes visible on your front page. Visitors will now navigate to that content under the blog section.

Apart from tips on Installing Joomla, we also offer some advice on blogs using Joomla, recommend some essential wordpress plugins, and last but not least, offer advice organising Joomla content and moving your Joomla site to a new server.

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