As we all know, an important consideration in website design is getting a high rank for your key phrases in the search engines, one of which is Yahoo. SEO consultant and web design projects are more than just a simple HTML page, as they once were. To get visitors, you must provide search engine friendly content, and although Google is the pack leader when it comes to search traffic, Yahoo is hard on its heels and is currently the number two search engine in the world.

With regards to Yahoo, a SEO consultants abilities includes being aware of the structure of its algorithms, knowing how to efficiently use keywords, key phrases and content design in order to maximize visibility. When you select a professional Yahoo SEO consultant such as Cheeky Green Monkey, these factors are expertly analysed to ensure your website is optimized to the full as regard to the Yahoo engine.

A Yahoo SEO Consultant Will Apply The Following Techniques:

As Yahoo specilaists, we are well versed in the search engine robots, commonly known as spiders. These are not the furry type but spiders that analyse each web page as they index it for relevant content and keyword deployment. As any Yahoo SEO consultant can tell you, the information collected by these web crawlers determines how often your site shows up in searches made by people, which is critical to your overall website success.

Every search engine uses a different algorithm to determine the rank a website design will have, so although we are yahoo SEO specialists, we do understand how the other major engines work as well. If you are to get to the top, a broad knowledge of the engines is essential.

We specialize in website design which includes search engine optimization for all the major search engines, making the Cheeky Green Monkey a winning choice as your professional Yahoo SEO consultant.

If you are interested in discussing the options available to your company, please contact us today and we will be pleased to offer our recommendations for generating increased online sales through a successful Yahoo campaign.

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